Killing at Herald-Square

Scores of pedestrians watched in awe as a seemingly deaf, dumb, blind, crippled, old and decrepit rat miraculously made its way across a busy 34th Street at the height of rush-hour – over a 10-minute period, narrowly avoiding several near-death incidents.

Despite the presence of a large audience, the rat had gone unnoticed by an equal sum of pedestrians as it finally made its way across the street within the midst of heavy foot-traffic. But one man who noticed took immediately action – using a shovel to catapult the rat back into on-coming traffic – where it was pronounced “roadkill” seconds after.


  1. I know, a pretty tragic and brutal ending I first thought, but then again there’s probably a 99% chance this was a seriously-diseased rat posing a health hazard to many – the woman in flip-flops by example.

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