Le Contact Visuel

It seems my fascination with people of the metropolis and the stealthy study of them has led me to study “their studies of me” as a secondary quest.

In the past, moments when the subject notices me taking their photo as or before I release the shutter were rare. Over the years the various reactions of those subjects have increasingly become priceless to me. Today, a subject captured unknowingly isn’t necessarily the “mission complete” it used to be – as I often find myself keeping targets locked in sight until the moment they notice and react to my presence.

Dramatizing the relationship between a subject and a photographer, being the General Public and myself, Le Contact Visuel presents a series of romantic episodes or involuntary portraits – where interpretive facial expressions and gestures reveal the raw reactions of individuals, subconsciously communicating their thoughts on being photographed without consent. Collectively, the series suggests a majority of the General Public would disapprove of my actions, at least on a first-impression-basis, or so I would have you believe.


  1. While mostly silent as of late due to varying circumstances, I couldn’t help but let you know I’m still perhaps as nearly a “lurker” as you. So happy to finally see this beautiful piece of work. So many images particularly caught my eye, too many to start listing. From Cleveland, Ohio–you continue to amaze and delight!

  2. This was very well and elegantly performed as well as great shots of people on the go so to speak. Just lovely.

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